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Insurance Anthem
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People always get confused when they have to decide for a health insurance company that would give them long-term security of health and is reliable, the Anthem Insurance Reviews and Ratings are here to remove your confusion and will give you an idea if it is suitable for you or not?

The biggest health insurance network operated by Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is the Anthem Insurance. It was founded in the year 2004 and since then it has been serving about 38 million customers. Its headquarters lie in Indianapolis and Indiana. Anthem provides health insurance to clients in New York, Nevada, Colorado, California, Indiana, Georgia, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Virginia.

Insurance Company Anthem
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Anthem is new in business of health insurance and is a bit inexperienced but till 2004 they have served so many customers and has never failed to cater the needs and requirements of their customers, like all other companies they also have some complaints by their customers but the best thing about it is that they always face those complaints and try to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Customer Service

Anthem is very clear about the fact that their customer service is their top priority in the business of health insurance and they also make it very clear just by the layout of their website that customer service is important to them. The company does an excellent job of providing answers to questions which their customers ask. They facilitate their customers as much as they can and till now they have very few complaints. So we can say that the customer satisfaction rate of Anthem is excellent and quite impressive.

Pros of Anthe

The factors that make the company more appealing and make it stand out amongst its rivals;

  • Though it is limited by location but this company leaves little to be desired in their health plans and offers  a variety of plans to cater all kinds of their customers
  • They offer all kinds of plans that range from PPOs, HMOs, to HSAs, they also provide short-term health insurance and group disability insurance along with Medicaid and Medicare.
  • Anthem has a great selection of plans for those who are looking for health insurance and are under 65;
  • Bronze Plans
  • Silver Plans
  • Gold Plans
  • Platinum Plans

All the plans are organized by price and have affordable rates so that everyone can become a member and get insured by this company.

  • Before becoming a member, you can get instant quotes for free on the health plan you wish to select. Also, you can go through the patient portal for more information.
  • Once you become a member then you can enjoy more benefits which include discounts on Fitness Trackers, vision, and dental insurance if your plan allows for it, and the ability to look up the prescription drugs you have so far.
  • Anthem gives transparency and clarity to their customers by serving them the best for their customers.

Cons of Anthem

  • As it was founded a few years ago so Anthem is new in business and quite inexperienced compared to the big wigs in health insurance.
  • One of the flaws of Anthem is their limited service area as it is available in some selected states only which don’t even cover half of the US and if you are not in those states then you cannot avail their services.

Final Verdict

Anthem Insurance is a highly recommended company though they are new in business and are not much experienced but once you become a member of Anthem then they assure you that they were the right choice you made as they work very hard in serving their customers. The company can provide them with supplemental insurance like dental and vision. They even have discounts on wellness products. They are limited in their service location but if you live in their service area then you should definitely become a part of this fast growing and hardworking company.

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