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Health Net Insurance Company
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People always want a trustworthy and reliable insurance company when it comes to the protection and cover for them and their family. And if you are looking for a long term protection and want to secure your future then Health Net Insurance Company will let you choose either they are suitable for you or not. The unique features, reviews, and ratings will give you an idea that either this company has the capability to make their customers feel comfortable, secure and healthy or not.

Health Net, Inc. was founded in 1977 and since then it has served millions of customers and it has never failed to cater the needs and requirements of any of their customers. The company continues to run under the operation of Centene Corporation as it was secured by them in 2015.

Customer Satisfaction of Health Net Insurance

Health Net Inc, always remains an option for its customers no matter what age or family status they belong to and if you are looking for an excellent customer satisfaction rating in the States then Health Net is one of those. The company  does not  limit itself to only a single Health plan and has a variety of plans for its customers and it also gives flexibility in pricing so that it can be afforded by all . So they never fail to satisfy their customers in any case.

Now it is but a fact that every company or organization has its Pros and cons on its end so let’s have a look at what the company lacks and what it is good at.

Pros of Health Net

The factors that make the company stand out among its rivals.

It does not bind the customers to only one health plan but has various plans for its customers to fulfill the different demands and requirement.

It offers four metal types of plans (platinum, gold, silver, and bronze) in order to give its customers flexibility and ease in pricing.

The best thing about Health Net is that if you are shopping online for a plan and you disclose your location then Health Net Insurance gives you a list of plans with pricing and coinsurance and other facilities available in your area.

The unique feature that the company offers is the TEEN2XTREME program which reaches out to the teenagers so that they can discuss their medical questions online with the doctors and feel comfortable about asking them.

Another great feature that makes it stand out is the Wellness Tool that includes health coaching quite for lifetime if you are looking to quit and you can also use the Wellness Centre in order to know about your personal health as well

Cons of Health Net

The few things that the company lacks in it are as follows,

The merger of the company with Centene Corporation caused some changes and variations and adaptions in the company which made its customers wary in committing to a company that is now under the control of another one.

Health Net operates in only four states Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and California and their service is not available in any of the other states.

You have to disclose your location in order to navigate the company website otherwise with every page you open, there appears a pop-up box asking to allow it to detect your location. It would be really nice if the people can have the universal information online without disclosing their locations.


Health Net Insurance is surely a company to buy a policy from. But its biggest flaw and con is that if you don’t live in those four states then the services of this company are not for you but overall its service in those four states is tremendous and the unique features they hold are very appealing for the customers who are looking for a secure and reliable health insurance.

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