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HighMark Insurance Company
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Everyone has a desire of a reliable insurance company that will safeguard their and their family’s health for a long run. There are so many insurance companies in the market now that it creates a hustle among people to pick up one of them. The HighMark Insurance Reviews and Ratings will help you decide if it is suitable for you or not.

HighMark Insurance Company
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HighMark insurance was founded in 1996, it was originally known as Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania. The company has a very small service location but it is well reputed when it comes to its customer services. The company is serving over 4.7 million members which give us a slight idea that, yes! The company deserves a try for a dependable and reliable insurance .

The Pros and Unique Features of HighMark

Here are some of the qualities and benefits that make HighMark stand out amongst its rivals.

  • HighMark offers a wide range of plans for example Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP (for children who are under 19). They also offer short term insurance plans and if you are looking forward to opening a savings account then HighMark can be an aid to your set up of HRA, HAS, and FSA.
  • HighMark makes it very easy to shop online for their plans, you just need to disclose your location and here you go with the details of plans along with the benefits of their qualifying plans so that it’s easy to compare them.
  • One of their best services is that along with vision and dental plans, they also offer other supplemental insurance plans for example travel, pet, and even fertility insurance within a reasonable cost.
  • HighMark entitles its customers to a lot of tools for saving money and managing their accounts get healthy, it is a well-reputed company especially for the way how it caters the need of its customers.
  • The company provides discount offers on many of the health products such as Qualsight , Lasik, Jenny Craig services, TruHearing and much more.
  • HighMark not only provides insurance plans to the people but it also aims to help its customer and educate them about how to stay healthy. They also offer programs for managing stress, quit smoking and start exercising.

Cons of HighMark

  • The biggest flaw of the company is its limited service area so if you want to be a part of it then you must be from western Pennsylvania or nearby place otherwise if you don’t live here then sadly the services are not for you.
  • The customer service options of HighMark are very helpful but the only flaw is that these services are not available 24/7.
  • HighMark is a newer name to the insurance industry and it is a bit inexperienced as compared to the other insurance companies. However, the variety of plans and offers they have for their customers is very appealing.

Overall Verdict

HighMark Insurance is a well-reputed company which makes it a high recommendation for those who are seeking health insurance.  The limited service area of the company is an issue but again as we can see that they have a unique and great selection of plans with a lot of member resources which makes the company stand out amongst its rivals. Overall if you are seeking a reliable and dependable long-term insurance then HighMark is worth a try.

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