Independence Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Independence Insurance Company
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If you are one of those individuals who is planning to choose a cover for themselves and their family then the Independence Insurance Reviews and Ratings can help you decide if they are suitable for you or not. People always wish that the service provider they have opted for should be well-established and well-reputed.

Independence Insurance Company
Via: Bcbs

Independence Insurance has a diverse line of business and has years of experience under its belt. The company was established more than 70 years ago in 1938 and now it’s serving over 10 million customers. The health plans of this insurance company are available in 24 states of US and the company itself is based in Pennsylvania where 2.5 million of its members reside.

Customer Satisfaction of Independence Insurance

Independence Insurance has a great pride when it comes to their customer satisfaction rate. They are well-reputed in terms of how they cater the needs of their customers. The customer satisfaction rate of the company can be described in just one word and that is “Excellent”. They serve all kinds of customers and have a wide range of plans to offer. The figure of “10 million” customers tells us all about the company and its wonderful services. If you are one of those looking forward to a long term security of their health then Independence ensures you to provide that security.

Pros of Independence Insurance

  • Independence Insurance has made it very easy to shop online for a health plan. Without disclosing any of your private information, you can have access to the details of their plans and a chart which shows how the plans differ from one another.
  • The company offers a wide range of plan with price difference so that people can easily afford and buy the plan that suits them.
  • From Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP to short term insurance plans, the company provides all those plans which are highly beneficial and are a great appeal to the customers.
  • The company offers dental and vision plans too but in the case of adults, the dental and vision coverage both come only with the PPO (Platinum Complete Plan).
  • You can access online free support 24/7 and Blue Cross Health Coaches who can help and guide you if you are having a chronic disease.

Cons of Independence Insurance

  • The biggest issue about the company is that it provides its services to only half of the US and in order to avail its benefits, you should be living in Pennsylvania or the 24 states where it provides services.
  • The other inconvenient thing about Independence Insurance is that its customer services are not available 24/7 and you can only contact them in their business hours.
  • One more con of the company is the limitation of the dental and vision plans of adults which only come with PPO so if you are looking for any other plan with dental and vision coverage then this limitation of PPO will surely break your deal.

Final Word

Overall Independence Insurance is highly recommended for health insurance due to the wide range of services and plans they offer. The company has a great selection of plans and they also make it easy to shop for health plans and compare their benefits. The only issue is the state availability, that it only provides its services to 24 states of US but if you do live in one of these states then this company would do its best to make you feel lucky.

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