Regence Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Insurance Regence
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Looking for a company that has the potential to be an excellent health insurer? Well, the Regence Insurance Reviews and Ratings will help you in deciding if it is suitable for you or not .

A well established and well-reputed company that has years of experience and always provides its customers with maximum benefits.

Insurance Regence
Via: KimnkimDental

Regence was founded in the year 1942 and it is owned by Blue Cross Blue Shield. The interesting thing about it is that it was the first insurance company in Utah. So as we can see that the company has been serving its customers for so many years and has always fulfilled their requirements.

Customer Satisfaction of Regence

One of the basic requirements for a company’s success is an excellent Customer Satisfaction Rate. This is the best part about Regence. They emphasize a lot on providing the best to their customers. Like all other companies, Regence also has a bit of complaints but they also have the skills and guts to face those issues and sort out the problems for their customers. So once you become a member of Regence then they assure you that they are the best health insurance company for you. “Well-reputed” and “Excellent” is the summary of the customer satisfaction rate of Regence.

The Good in Regence

What makes Regence stand out amongst its rivals are the following few qualities and offers they provide;

  • It’s a small company which serves in only four states but like other Big insurances companies, Regence provides a variety of healthcare plans and member rewards.
  • The types of plans the company do offers include HMOs, PPOs, HSAs, and Medicare.

Regence does not provide Medicaid and short-term health insurance plans but they have a sister company called LifeMap and they direct you to it if you’re in need of Medicaid.

Regence does not provide standalone dental plans either and for such plans, they direct you to LifeMap.

Regence offers vision plans through four main vision insurance companies:

  • EyeMed Vision
  • QualSight
  • TruVision
  • Standard Optical
  • If you become a member of Regence insurance then you can have access to many resources, you can find doctors on their online portal, you can shop for health plans on their website. There’s also a cost estimator, explanations of the benefits in your plan, and forms that are downloadable for when you file a claim.
  • Members are also rewarded for trying to get or stay healthy. Taking health assessment offered by the company and tracking your activity to check if you’re becoming healthier, you will be rewarded.
  • The positive BBB Rating of Regence and the amazing discount plans they offer are the best thing about this company.

The Bad in Regence

Like all the other companies, Regence also has some flaws in it ;

  • Regence can serve only a limited number of customers within the four states (Idaho, Washington, Oregon, or Utah) if you are outside these states then Regence is not an option for you.
  • In order to get access and details about your health plans, you first need to disclose your personal information and location etc. It would be really nice if people could access their information without disclosing their personal information etc.
  • Regence itself does not offer Medicaid or short term insurance plans, however, it has its sister company LifeMap for such plans but it would be amazing if the company itself offers the plans.

Overall Verdict

Regence is a well- reputed, well-established insurance company and is highly recommended for those who seek reliable and secure health insurance. The only thing is that if you want their services then you must live within the four states where they offer their plans otherwise it’s not an option for someone living outside their service area. Regence Insurance has a lot to offer its members and for any customer who does work with the insurance company, Regence offers BBB score which is beyond excellent and also decades of experience in the respective industry.

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